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Ann Lockyer-Cotter and Richard Cotter, Owners

“We’ve been using Dinerware POS System for 5 years and couldn’t be happier. It is an intuitive and easy to learn system–our staff were able to pick it up with an hours’ training. We’ve found it to be a robust and reliable system and it has provided us with excellent reporting tools. On the extremely rare occasion when we’ve had an issue, service was excellent– prompt, knowledgeable and effective. We can’t say enough about a great product and the great customer service. ”


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Leela Heyward, Front End Manager

“We are a high volume Café and Bakery serving up to 1000 people in a day with 500 to 600 transactions. As the front end manager I can tell that Dinerware® stream lined our day to day operation; reduced mistakes we previously had with a hand written orders and helps to provide fast service for our customers. Our fast service helps increase our business because happy customers are repeat customers. There is always a learning curve when moving from cash register to POS system but Jerry was always a call away or he stops by if we need an advice.”

Petr Prusa, Owner

“Dinerware® has proved to be the right fit for our restaurant. Fast, intuitive with all the trimmings we need to run our busy Diner efficiently. Scape Hospitality has taken care of our business. The transition from cash register to our new POS was smooth, and with follow-ups from Scape Hospitality our managers felt comfortable to administrate Dinerware® on their own. We are happy we moved ahead with Dinerware ®. Well done; Mahoney on us!”

John Cantin, Owner

“At John’s Place Restaurant we are a very busy place all year round. We were having problems with our older POS system and decided to change to Dinerware Software. It has been a great transition. We have a staff of 25 on the floor and they learnt very quickly. It is very user-friendly system and for an owner it has great uses. Scape Hospitality’s service has been prompt and they will go out of their way to provide help or advice. I am so happy we switched.”


Theo Macris, Owner

“At Theo’s Restaurant our goal was to run our business more efficiently, and we decided on the Dinerware POS System. With Dinerware we modify our menu with ease and flexibility, provide faster service and track our sales the way we need. Our staff was amazed at how user-friendly our Dinerware is. They learn the system in no time. We improved our ordering process and reduced mistakes between front and kitchen staff. This has been a great investment.”

Frank & Shelley Morris, Owners

“Francelli’s is a very busy coffee shop and when we changed to Dinerware point of sale system in 2003 we were very impressed with Scape Hospitality and their POS system. Dinerware is very user friendly for our staff and the service we receive from Scape Hospitality is second to none. Dinerware is an excellent tool to manage our business and to track our sales.”

HERON ROCK BISTRO                                                        
Andrew Moffatt, Owner

“My four year old son was able to master Dinerware within a week, imagine the all of money you won’t have to spent on training. Better than any other system I’ve worked within in 15 years.”

Barry & Lauren Thomson, Owners

“For our restaurant, Dinerware came out leaps and bounds in front of the leading competitor’s. The learning curve is small, within a couple of hours our new staff picked it up. It also provides the day-to-day tools we need to manage our small operation in a fast and easy way. And to top it all the customer service is untouchable.”

Lee Vassiliadis, Owner

“In June 2006 we had installed the Dinerware System in our first restaurant. The system paid for itself within a few months, mainly by increasing billing accuracy and by faster customer service. In February 2007 we purchased a second Dinerware System for our second location, again with smooth rollout and excellent support from Scape Hospitality. Thanks to the flexibility of our POS we were able to do changes and tune ups on our system the way we need. Our cashiers are more efficient when handling orders, and it takes less time to train new employee than it did with our cash register.”


William Hall, Owner

“The implementation of Dinerware Software to my business in 2004 was an immediate asset for my high- volume café bistro and produced concrete results. Its user-friendly format allows fast programming and unprecedented operation control, and the service from Scape Hospitality is always prompt. I fully recommend this software for food-service entrepreneurs.”


Ron Spelt, Owner

“Dinerware screen is such a logical way of thinking that training time was just not an issue, and with well organized reports we can analyze our sales on a day to day basis.  The service that Scape Hospitality provides is second to none. Whether it is something small that can be handled over the phone or if it requires an actual service call, it feels like Scape Hospitality drops everything to help you out and that kind of service is invaluable.”